Date: July 8, 1937
Survivors: serz. Edgars Kanailis
                  Davids Timermanis
Fatalities: Anna Tillere (civilian)
Aircraft Involved: de Havilland DH9a #67
Location: Spilve
  • Aircraft crashed into Ratsupite creek at Spilve. Aircrew were unharmed but the undercarriage was torn off and struck and killed Anna Tillere, a schoolteacher, resting on the riverbank.
  • G.Timermanis provides further details. Apparently Miss Tillere was swimming at Ratsupite Creek with a friend, Miss Rumbach. In a rather odd twist of fate, Miss Rumbach was the schoolteacher to the spouse of D.Timermanis, who was the observer in the DH9A. By this account, the aircraft ran over the bank of the creek, and the wing struck Miss Tillere, killing her instantly. Viewing the post-accident photographs, either version seems plausible.
  • Damage to the aircraft does not appear to have been great, but by 1937 these aircraft were near the end of their operational usefulness and it was deemed to be not worth repairing.

DH9A # 67 fatal incident


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- Accident details also provided by Goga Timermanis.

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