Date: October 22, 1919
Personnel: V.Jakubovs (p), Sparins (o)
Aircraft Involved: Sopwith Strutter #2341
Location: Krustabaznicas Aerodrome (Riga)
  • At the height of the battle for Riga (vs.Bermont-Avalov) this aircraft was involved in reconnaissance flights from a temporary airfield at Krustabaznica.
  • On takeoff, because of the uneven ground, the propeller blade touched the ground and was slightly damaged. This created an imbalance in the prop and the resulting vibrations damaged the engine, and it stopped completely when they were at an altitude of 30 metres. The aircraft stalled and fell heavily upon a wing. The damage included a destroyed propeller, stripped undercarriage, damaged fuselage, and both upper and lower wings heavily damaged.
  • Both airmen escaped injury, but the aircraft was beyond repair and was subsequently written off.

Sopwith Strutter #2341


- Bruvelis, Edvins Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture

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